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The second studio release 

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Martin's second release, ‘Depth Over Distance’, is the second studio release from Martin. Despite the heartbreak of the breakup it was written about, it is a heartfelt and uplifting romantic ballad. It reflects on the renewed self-love and body image gained from seeing yourself through someone else's eyes. Premiered on 'The Smallest Talk Show in The Netherlands' on 11/5, the singer-songwriter style acoustic ballad speaks to this moment, and the importance of the depth of relationships over the distance between them.

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'Depth Over Distance' is a heartfelt break-up ballad. It's about how seeing yourself in someone else's eyes can give you a new view of yourself, as well as the heartbreak of a relationship ending.  I hope song's touching lyrics, intimate acoustic soundscape and exploration of the duality of love and seperation will resonate with those who cannot see their loved ones right now.